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31 May to 4 July 2018
“What’s missing is often the most important part of the narrative.” - Norman Klein

The 710 Anti-tour starts in Terminal Island at the Port of Long Beach. It enters the I-710 at Pico Ave - the beginning of the Interstate route. The tour follows the freeway north, through the Gateway Cities, and out into El Sereno, where the southern freeway stub dead-ends on Valley Blvd. It then winds through the path of the Meridian Route, or the 710 extension, first proposed in 1964, through the residential streets of El Sereno, Alhambra, South Pasadena, and Pasadena, ending at the northern stub where the freeway would connect with the I-210.

Norman Klein, who wrote about the 710 in the History of Forgetting, muses on “the unbuilt”, “the great expectations”, and “the subjunctive tense” along “the most expensive non-road in American history”.
Duration 35min and 46sec
Norman Klein 710 Anti-tour